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These products are FREE mostly because they have flaws. I can’t bear to throw them out because of this, but I can’t sell them either. Maybe they will find a good home at your place?

Some flaws are obvious and some are hardly noticable. Some prints are off center, some have marks or dented corners, some have been used for exhibitions, some have grafic faults like fine lines through the pictures, some have a different tone of color on the paper, some have a bit of smudges or stains, little ink stains from the printers or the likes. These prints are nonreturnable and Familiestreger holds no responsibility for the quality of these prints.

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Printed on white paper, Nordic Swan Label, different kinds of papers and quality.

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Yoga child, Tandembreastfeeding, Gentle Parenting ABC, Pregnant and Angel Child, Pregnant and child, Ifavn A3, Ifavn A5, Baby, Ruckcarry, Tandemcarry simple card, Pregnant and child A6, Angel Child A4

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